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Substance Abuse Case Management

At Pathway to Hope, we understand how difficult battling addiction can be, and so our substance abuse and addiction case managers work alongside you from start to finish, helping them overcome the destructive disease of addiction by offering support throughout the entire process.

Addiction is a progressive and destructive brain disease that corrupts the mind first then the physical body itself. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, nearly 3,000 people die yearly from drug overdoses, a number that is projected to rise for the coming decade.

It is important for individuals struggling with substance abuse or addiction to seek help immediately. The earlier you seek help in treatment for their challenges with substance abuse, the faster and smoother your treatment and recovery tend to go. Throughout the journey from addiction and into sobriety, our substance abuse and addiction case managers are there to help guide you along the way.

Symptoms of addiction include, but are not limited to:

Because of the complicated nature of substance abuse and addiction, getting help is never as simple or easy as going to treatment. Often, many people have responsibilities to handle outside of their addiction, which then makes the simple process of dealing with treatment a much more complicated and nuanced issue that requires intensive and thorough attention. Substance abuse and addiction case managers aim to help ease the process of addiction treatment for both you and your loved ones.

Because of the mere nature of addiction, however, it is important for those who have a substance abuse disorder or addiction problem to seek help for their ailment in the first place. Only after you accept that there is an addiction issue can you move forward in getting treatment. This should all be done under the watchful eye of substance abuse and addiction case managers, whose sole purpose is to help guide and heal you.

What a Case Manager Does

  • Transportation

    Case managers help arrange transportation from our treatment center to anywhere that you may need to go during the healing process.

  • Insurance Information

    Finding out what your insurance will and will not cover can often be a hassle. Let your case manager worry about that and focus on healing.

  • Transitioning

    Part of the process of healing from addiction with treatment is making the transition to life outside. We make sure to help you in reintegration.

  • Legal Issues

    Following legal issues can be a boring and labor-intensive process. Your case manager is properly trained to watch over all legal issues pertaining to you.

  • Referrals

    Case managers can make specific referrals that your family may need in both the treatment and the aftercare processes.

  • Evaluation

    An intensive and comprehensive ongoing evaluation is part of the treatment process. This is done to assess and address any needs you may have.

What Is Case Management?

Substance Abuse Case Management

At Pathway to Hope, we understand that the details behind the treatment process can seem hectic and confusing. This is why we offer you your own substance abuse and addiction case manager to help you out throughout the entire process. We know how complex and irritatingly difficult the smaller processes of addiction treatment can seem, but that should never be a reason for you to be pushed away from seeking treatment. Let us worry about those issues while you heal.

  • 24-7 help

    24-7 Help

    Your case manager at Pathway to Hope is available at all hours of the day, especially for any emergency services. We understand that addiction never sleeps, so our staff is prepared for all possibilities and occurrences. Our on-call staff is available 24-7.

  • friendly staff

    Friendly Staff

    Our staff here at Pathway to Hope is dedicated to helping you heal and get better. Many among our staff understand addiction by having gone through it themselves, so they are eager to help.

  • aftercare services

    Aftercare Services

    Once treatment is completed, this is not the last step. Recovery is a lifelong process that becomes a part of daily life. Our case managers are trained in aftercare and long-term recovery services, as well as treatment.

Case management is commonly handled on a case-by-case basis, depending solely on the individual seeking help. Case managers seek to first and foremost transition and integrate you into our residential treatment programs safely and comfortably.

This allows you not only to communicate openly with your case managers but also to build a relationship that will allow the case manager to understand your needs and concerns and what works best for you.

All of our case managers are guided with the sole purpose of helping you improve, because when you win, so, too, does your case manager. Our case managers connect you with the available resources that are needed.

At Pathway to Hope, all our case managers are here to guide you in your journey through treatment and even after you enter an aftercare program. At Pathway to Hope, our medical and addiction professionals are available 24-7, ready to assist you with any questions you may have. Call us today at (844) 557-8575.