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Relapse Prevention & Long-Term Recovery

At Pathway to Hope, we value our commitment to our clients and our commitment to you: We will do everything we can to help you help yourself before, during, and after your residential treatment.

We offer several different services and programs to help you, from relapse prevention to follow-up services. We are here to educate, guide, and support all of our clients out of addiction and into the blissful clarity of sobriety.

Unfortunately, many make the mistake of believing that they are healed once their treatment program is over and that the treatment process is over. It is important to note that the treatment process does not simply end once someone is in recovery.

Leaving Pathway to Hope with a solid and fortified relapse prevention plan is not only recommended but also vital for success.

Our professional staff will sit with you in individualized sessions to make sure you have a solid relapse prevention plan in place. Also, we will make sure you have a detailed and flawless plan once leaving treatment. It is also just as important to enroll and have ongoing support upon completion of treatment, which is essential to a safe and healthy recovery from addiction.

Benefits of having a relapse prevention plan:

Using these ideals for anyone in recovery can make both happiness and great health lifelong goals that every single person can achieve. In fact, research has shown that those who have and follow a comprehensive relapse prevention plan—a plan that changes throughout the years—ultimately achieve higher levels of happiness relative to the average U.S. population.

However, while having a relapse prevention plan is effective in ensuring and lessening the possibility of relapse, long-term recovery is also part of the equation. In addition to leaving a rehab or drug and alcohol treatment facility, ongoing and maintenance care is essential for long-term recovery.

Thankfully, research suggests that the longer you remain in recovery over a longer period—mainly more than five years—the less likely you are to relapse.

Why Choose a Relapse Prevention & Long-term Recovery Service?

  • Better Living

    By choosing a relapse prevention and long-term recovery service with Pathway to Hope, you will gain a better standard of living. In planning and preventing the possibility of relapses, you can live life comfortably again and focus on maintaining sobriety instead of losing it.

  • Avoiding Relapse

    The main goal of our relapse prevention and long-term recovery service is to make you comfortable with the possibility of having a relapse. Relapses can happen to anyone, but if you properly prepare for them, your tools will help prevent a relapse from occurring.

  • Future Security

    Secure and ensure a safe future for yourself and your loved ones. When you use our relapse prevention and long-term recovery service, you will sleep soundly knowing your future is safe in your own abilities to avoid relapsing using ongoing and continuing care.

  • Transitioning into Society

    After treatment, our goal at Pathway to Hope is in making sure you have all the tools necessary for reintegrating back into society in a safe and efficient manner. Our long-term recovery service assists in transitioning you back slowly and safely.

  • Sober Living

    At Pathway to Hope, we offer sober living quarters for those in recovery who feel they might benefit from living in an environment free from substances of all kinds—except medication—alongside others going through the same.

  • Rebuilding Relationships

    By far, one of the most positively reported results of our relapse prevention and long-term recovery service is the effect it has on family members and loved ones. Restored relationships help enormously in preventing relapses.

We Can Help Prepare You for Recovery

Relapse Prevention & Long-Term Recovery

At Pathway to Hope, we can help set you up with all the tools necessary to assure that once you leave our facility, you are fully prepared for life outside the walls of treatment. During your residential stay here at Pathway to Hope, we introduce and familiarize you with the 12-Step model of recovery.

In addition to our 12-Step model, your own personal case manager will also assist you in continuing those meetings after treatment and your rehab program. No matter where you are or where you might be living, our staff will make sure to connect you to the right resources.

  • detox


    Before the start of your treatment program, it's extremely important to undergo a detox. Detoxing allows you to cleanse yourself from all prior drugs and alcohol.

  • understanding addiction

    Understanding Addiction

    Part of healing properly from drug and alcohol addiction is thoroughly understanding the nature of addiction. By understanding it, you also accept the existence of your problem.

  • recovery


    Treatment doesn't end once you leave the rehab facility. Recovery is a lifelong process. We offer several different programs to help you keep your life on track and avoiding relapsing.

Our staff is committed to working closely with you and getting to know you to make a comprehensive, detailed, and outlined discharge plan. At Pathway to Hope, we want to make sure you stay on the right track to reach all of your goals so we can then create an effective and individualized plan of action that will also match all of your aftercare and future needs. When it comes to substance abuse prevention plans, they are not a spur-of-the-moment thing and don’t just happen. Prevention plans are something you have to design—with our professional help, of course—based on a number of variables, with the goal of having an alcohol and drug-free future.

At Pathway to Hope, our medical and addiction specialists are dedicated to helping you find a relapse prevention plan and long-term recovery service that works best for you. We work with referrals to offer you the most effective and efficient solution as fast as possible. We also offer sober living homes for those individuals who feel they might benefit from living in a dry and sober environment and being around others who are doing the same.

Our staff is available 24-7. Call us today at (844) 557-8575.