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Alcohol Treatment

Currently, in the United States, alcohol is by far the most heavily abused substance among adults age 18 and older. According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, nearly 17 million Americans are reported to have some type of alcohol use disorder and is projected to rise in the coming decade. Also, alcohol is currently responsible for the largest numbers of overdose-related deaths among college students on campuses across the country.

One of the primary reasons fighting alcohol addiction has remained such a difficult and seemingly impossible task to complete is due to alcohol’s availability. Because alcohol is available around the world, it makes drunkenness seem normal and part of everyday culture, when in reality it obscures the truth behind the destructive prevalence of alcohol addiction, not only in the United States but around the globe.

There are several signs that show clear and present alcohol abuse, such as the following:

Unfortunately, according to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, the vast majority of people suffering from alcohol use disorder remain untreated. In fact, alcoholism has been one of the most severely underrated substance use disorders in the country, plaguing nearly six percent of the American population. Alcohol abuse has been linked to several medical complications and disorders, such as high blood pressure, hypertension, and neurological damage.

Due to the cultural presence that alcohol has played in the public eye, alcohol is commonly seen as a substance used to socialize, celebrate, and relax with. Although that is certainly true for something such as a glass of wine or similar a night, that normally doesn’t apply to the vast majority of alcohol consumers in the country. Alcohol is a mind-altering substance that can lead to negative consequences, especially after prolonged and use. Overall chronic alcohol abuse affects everyone very similarly in regards to the damage brought upon the individual afflicted with it. It is extremely important to act sooner rather than later when it comes to alcohol abuse. If treated early enough, most of the harm done to the individual may be reversible.

Why Choose an Alcohol Treatment Program?

  • Gain Control

    By seeking help from alcohol addiction through treatment, you can gain control of your life again. Restore the broken bonds that alcohol left behind and start life again in control.

  • Overcome Addiction

    The goal of an alcohol treatment program is not only to heal you and your soul from alcoholism but also to overcome and overpower addiction in general.

  • Better Health

    Gain the clearheaded and sober bliss that could have seemed impossible to reach. By reaching sobriety, this allows your body to recover from damage caused by alcohol.

  • Cleanse from Alcohol

    Cleanse your body, soul, and mind while in an alcohol treatment program. Restoring yourself will help in treatment by finally reaching a blissful clarity that’s commonly reported.

  • No More Hangovers

    Avoid those long mornings of waking up, hurting from the drinking of the night before. Through treatment, you can take your mornings back and be who you once were.

  • Freedom

    Break the chains of addiction by liberating and freeing yourself from the terribly destructive grip of alcohol addiction. Don’t let alcohol control your life anymore.

Seeking Treatment from Alcohol

Alcohol Treatment

According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, the vast majority of drinking Americans suffer from some type of alcohol use disorder—and the majority of those suffering from alcohol use disorder remain untreated for their addiction issue. Unfortunately, this brings to light the reality of the alcohol abuse problem in the country, with citizens continuing their addictions and further damaging themselves, as well as those around them. Seeking help in treatment is vitally important for those struggling with alcohol addiction, and can be their best choice in bettering themselves and preventing any long-term damage from occurring.

  • understanding addiction

    Understand Addiction

    Before even considering treatment of any kind, it is important to thoroughly and completely understand alcohol addiction. The main and most important part of understanding an addiction is that the person struggling with substance abuse must accept its existence as a problem.

  • family and friends

    Family and Friends

    Informing family, friends, and loved ones about the issues of addiction can be an enormous help in treatment. When others are more aware of your prevailing issues of addiction, this can help them take an active role in the treatment process.

  • treatment to recovery

    Treatment to Recovery

    The road out of addiction and into sobriety starts in treatment. The journey to recovery is the end goal outlined in all our programs. However, the most efficient and surefire path on that track often requires intervention through treatment.

At Pathway To Hope, we understand how difficult a process it can be to combat alcohol addiction—among many other substance addictions. Using the latest in information and behavioral technologies, our addiction specialists and experts are among the nation’s top in treating alcohol use disorder and addiction.

Addiction is a progressive and highly complex disease that first corrupts the mind, as the body usually inevitably follows. Due to the very nature of alcohol addiction, it is often extremely difficult for an individual to try and handle the situation alone. In fact, sometimes dealing with an addiction alone can only make the issue worse. At Pathway To Hope, our medical and addiction professionals can help you or your loved one fight back against the disease of alcohol addiction. We offer several different treatment programs to help you fight against alcohol and reclaim life once again. Our staff is available 24-7 to assist you in all matters of addiction. Call us today at (844) 557-8575.