National Recovery Month: Special Features by Pathway to Hope

recovery-month-PTH National Recovery Month has arrived! For the entire month of September, Pathway to Hope has a slew of series and special articles to highlight the struggle and beauty of recovery.

The goal of Pathway to Hope has always been to guide loved ones to seek treatment and start a new way of life away from the turmoil of drug abuse. National Recovery Month strives to spread addiction and recovery awareness to better educate the community and to show those in active addiction that there is another way of life away from substance abuse.

Stay tuned for…

“How Drinking Culture is Killing America”
Learn how this substance can greatly affect the health and well being of those who abuse it.

Are Black Trans Women Faced with ‘Injustice at Every Turn’?
Uncover the struggles some transgender and transsexual addicts face in society and in their own personal obstacles. For Black trans women and trans women of color, living is about staying in survival mode.  

“Dual Diagnosis: What’s the Root of Addiction?”
Get a look into the unique struggle and journey of those suffering with addiction and other mental illnesses, and how that can effect active drug abuse and recovery.

“7 Programs, Hobbies to Join While in Recovery”
Discover alternative activities to engage in after treatment to create a new, fun, and fulfilling life after treatment.

Inspiring Wellness: A Campaign Brought to You by Delphi Behavioral Health Group

Pathway to Hope is one of six facilities under Delphi Behavioral Health Group that will be showcasing featured stories and series on addiction and recovery. Please be sure to check out the other participating treatment databases for more features for the entire month of September.

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The Palm Beach Institute

Featured Articles:

“Cocaine: The Party Drug Goes to Work”

Series: Sex, Drugs, and Ozzy”


Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 11.18.05 AM

Ocean Breeze Recovery

Featured Articles:

Heroin: Overdoses Spike National Concern” 
“Drogadictos: The Reality of Hispanic and Latino Addiction”
“Learn to Embrace, Flaunt Your ‘Sober Body’”
“How to Continue Your Education After Rehab”

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California Highlands

Featured Articles:

Today’s Synthetic Drugs Aren’t What You Learned About in DARE
“How Women Became Affected by Opioid Epidemic”
“Mindfulness: Healing Mind, Body, and Soul”
“Strength in Numbers: How to Choose the Right Alumni Group for You”

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Elevate Recovery

Featured Articles:

“Molly: The Brain Melting Love Drug”

Featured Series: “Youth in Recovery”

Elevate Recovery Center is hosting a three-part series on common triggers that affect youth populations. From the stress that comes with studying for midterms/finals in school to dealing with a really bad break-up, Youth in Recovery will cover all the different obstacles young adults in recovery face and how learning healthy coping mechanisms is a must.

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Community Rehab

Featured Series: “Celebrity Recovery

Community Rehab is presenting their four-part series, Celebrity Recovery, where they’ll spotlight four stories on celebrities who have been successful throughout their recovery and how they got there. From Olympic gold medalist Michael Phelps to fashion designer Marc Jacobs, Celebrity Recovery will prove that recovery is possible and can lead to prosperous success.



Free Treatment with the “Inspiring Wellness” Scholarship!

Delphi Behavioral Health Group will be giving out a scholarship for free treatment for anyone in the grips of addiction. This scholarship will be awarded to one person, who will then get a free ride for at least 90 days in one of Delphi’s participating treatment centers.

Contestants may submit one essay on Delphi’s website, spreading further wellness during National Recovery Month.

For more information and to learn how to enter, check out this link.


Pathway to Hope is ready and available to educate readers and loved ones about addiction and recovery—not just for National Recovery Month, but for every month. Our addiction specialists are waiting 24-7 for your call and are ready to guide anyone in need. For help, call today at (844) 557-8575.