5 Benefits of Rehab Alumni Groups: Staying Plugged In

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Going through addiction treatment can be an exciting and sometimes overwhelming experience. Finally getting the help you want and need is crucial. As you undergo your treatment, you probably will experience many levels of care. Beginning with a medical detox at a private or public facility, you’ll step down into inpatient, intensive outpatient, and then ultimately routine outpatient. During these step-downs, you’ll encounter more freedom and less supervision, which can be difficult for many addicts to adjust to. When you finally graduate your treatment program, you may be faced with anxiety and uncertainty of where to go next and how to handle your assimilation to reality. That’s where rehab alumni groups come into play!

What Are Rehab Alumni Groups?

Since treatment is merely only the beginning of one’s journey in sobriety, the real test is once you leave the safety of the facility. Rehab alumni groups were designed to help former clients stay in the loop with other recovering addicts and alcoholics and to have a point of contact at the treatment facility with the rehab alumni coordinator. By providing clients a person they can call at all hours, it gives a safety net for anyone struggling, especially in the crucial first few weeks.

Rehab alumni groups often perform numerous activities together to demonstrate the power of fun in sobriety as well as the importance of community. It brings together other recovering addicts who went through the program and keeps them in close contact with one another so that their support systems in recovery can grow!

Rehab alumni groups also often host meetings on a weekly or monthly basis so the clients may meet face-to-face in a safe environment and work together therapeutically. This can help keep clients accountable as well as provide consistency and routine, which are other important aspects of early recovery.

So, What are the Benefits of Rehab Alumni Groups?

Now that you understand just what these programs offer, it’s time to look at all of the wonderful benefits rehab alumni groups have in store for you! There’s a reason these programs are so widely provided and successful.

Feeling of Community

The first and most important benefit of rehab alumni groups is maintaining a sense of community. By strengthening the relationships that clients already have with one another, it can make them feel a part of a recovery community. Having a feeling of camaraderie is imperative to having long-lasting sobriety. Many people have no sober associations prior to heading off to treatment. So, by allowing access to an entire network of other sober people, rehab alumni groups can help the newcomer find his or her place with other actively recovering people.

Staying Connected

Similarly to the benefit above, rehab alumni groups help its members stay connected. What this means is members of rehab alumni groups not only have access to their peers, but also access to alumni coordinators and therapists to continue to get professional support. Having a point of contact at the treatment facility can help many clients feel a level of safety during their transition back into everyday life. Knowing they have someone to call at any given moment can keep many recovering alcoholics and addicts out of trouble if they find themselves in a tight spot.

Learning How to Have Fun in Sobriety

Rehab alumni groups are primarily known for all of the awesome activities and outings they frequently schedule. Many people believe that once you enter recovery and are completely sober, it’s the end of any and all fun. That could not be further from the truth! In sobriety, addicts and alcoholics learn how to have real fun, without needing to have that synthetic happiness provided by drugs or alcohol. Rehab alumni groups will plan trips and activities for its members that all are welcome to attend that revolve around having sober fun.

Learning how to have fun in sobriety is important. If you were not enjoying yourself, why would you want to continue on in recovery? These groups teach members what real fun is and create an atmosphere with other sober people to enjoy these activities with!

Ease the Assimilation Back into Everyday Life

Again, it can be hard to successfully make the transition from living at an inpatient treatment facility to that of everyday life once again. Treatment centers often act as a protective bubble, successfully shielding clients from temptation and providing a safe space for them to focus solely and completely on their treatment. Once the safety net of the treatment center is removed, the real test begins.

It’s easy to stay sober in rehab, but what about in the real world? It gets tricky. That’s why rehab alumni groups are awesome tools to help ease the transition. Many rehab alumni groups with have information and referrals for the client to enter into sober living homes, which can act as a further buffer for recovering people. Also, having someone to reach out to and talk to (the alumni coordinator) as well as fill up his or her schedule with recovery-oriented activities can be very beneficial.


Lastly, a benefit of rehab alumni groups is the flexibility they provide. Unlike an intensive outpatient or routine outpatient program, rehab alumni groups offer elective activities and services, meaning you are not obligated to attend! This allows for a recovering addict or alcoholic to select which services and outing they both want to and are able to attend. If they want to be very actively involved and go to all the different group outings, or maybe attend one or two per year, they have the power to create their own schedule.

Can You Benefit from a Rehab Alumni Group?

At Pathway to Hope, we understand the need for our clients to have that extra support even after they graduate from our program. That’s why we pride ourselves on our awesome rehab alumni program! We know and understand that treatment is just the first step on a long journey through recovery, and we are committed to seeing our clients all the way through to the end!

If you or someone you know may be struggling with drug or alcohol addiction, give us a call 24/7 at 844-557-8575 or contact us online and let our addiction professionals help you learn about the treatment options that best fit you!

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