Faith in Treatment

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There is something that many people who have undergone treatment tend to benefit from, which heavily affects how their treatment experience goes—and it’s having faith in treatment.

Contrary to what some people may believe, having faith is not simply running down a dark road blindly, but rather trusting oneself and others in their abilities. Faith in treatment might mean different things to different people, but the result remains the same: overcoming drug and alcohol abuse or addiction using a lending hand.

But what exactly is faith and how does it help in treatment?

Faith in Treatment

Research has shown that individuals, who enter drug and/or alcohol treatment with an open mind and faith report a lower possibility of relapse and higher rates of success in sobriety.

There are many proposed reasons some researchers bring to the table regarding how faith in treatment has such enormous benefits. However, while many are attempting to pin the exact reason why faith aids addiction, it is hardly beside the point. The more important point is that faith in and of itself helps in treatment and rehab. Faith is the tool that betters us all. That is what faith is.

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, faith is defined as “having a strong belief or trust in someone or something.” This simple yet descriptive definition explains in detail what the nature of faith is.

Having faith in treatment doesn’t require much more than simply trusting and believing those who have undergone it. It is a legitimate testimony when certain people, who were once unable to bounce back from their crippling addiction, live vast and fulfilling lives after treatment.

In these cases, one doesn’t actually witness the entire treatment process, yet we see the results produced and believe that treatment worked. In this case, faith simply plays the role of reason, not blind trust or belief, just common sense and judgment.

That same faith that we use in making a rational assumption that treatment healed the individual going through it, so too can we apply the same logic when someone first enters a treatment program. This very logic is simply a form of faith.

Whenever we choose to enter a drug or alcohol treatment program, we are entering on the presumption that the treatment process itself will produce positive results for ourselves. Even though we might not have seen the inner mechanisms of the brain as someone undergoes treatment, we understand the effectiveness of treatment.

Understand Addiction

One of the main reasons that having faith in treatment has been known to help so much is because fighting addiction isnot easy; it is a battle against an invisible disease—and don’t forget, addiction is a disease. One extremely effective way to battle addiction requires that the person suffering understands and does not deny the existence of the problem.

Denying the addiction is often a neurological defensive tactic that can make the situation worse. Dealing with a problem is impossible when it’s ignored.

Understanding addiction doesn’t require that you have a clinical understanding of it, but rather, have a thorough understanding of its existence and effects.

Addiction affects everyone differently. Some have more severe symptoms than others. However, the disease of addiction has one thing in common with anyone it affects: it is destructive to the lives of the afflicted and their loved ones. Addiction is unrelenting and ever powerful, which is one of the reasons faith in treatment helps so much. Having faith in treatment can be the extra push many people might need in order to deal with drug or alcohol abuse or addiction.

Research has shown that those who admit the existence of the problem of addiction, have a phenomenally higher rate of success in drug or alcohol treatment, in addition to having a lower relapse rate compared to the average person undergoing treatment.

Getting Help

When it comes to dealing with alcohol and/or drug abuse, getting help sooner rather than later is important in avoiding any long-term and permanent damage from occurring. Seeking and getting help from substance abuse and addiction is the most important action. Know that once the problem is admitted and confronted, getting help through treatment is the next step. At Pathway to Hope, our residences are equipped, not only with nationally awarded clinical professionals but with an inviting atmosphere that incites feelings of comfort and healing. If you or a loved one is suffering from substance abuse or addiction, get help immediately. Our addiction specialists are available 24-7, ready to assist you with any questions you might have. Call us today at 844-557-8575.



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