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Fort Lauderdale Addiction Rehab Facilities

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Pathway to Hope was first created and established in 2012 by experienced addiction specialists and experts who wanted to change the treatment process from within. Between having a shared history with drug and alcohol addiction themselves and living around it, much of our staff understands addiction beyond the mere textbook definition of it by having lived through, worked with, and experienced it.

Witnessing the growing painkiller and heroin epidemic taking over much of South Florida, we strive to help those suffering through the destructive perils of addiction. By focusing directly on you and your needs, our staff is not only eager to help you with whatever you may need, but also wants to have your best needs at heart. Unlike several other treatment centers and South Florida rehab facilities, we truly seek to heal addiction in and after treatment.

Treating drug and alcohol addiction is far from an easy or simple process. It takes long hours and determination to deal with all aspects of addiction. Using the latest in information and technologies to combat addiction, our addiction specialists are available at all hours of the day to help you during your journey out of addiction and into sobriety. Quality care is extremely important for all kinds of addiction treatments and in making sure to prevent a possible relapse to it. With our medical professionals, who oversee your personal health throughout the treatment process, and our nationally known expert psychologists, who are there to serve you throughout the entire process of treatment, we can help you.

  • quality care

    Quality Care

    At Pathway to Hope, we offer nationally known quality care to you using the latest and greatest in addiction treatment information and technologies. Our ideals of quality care in our certified treatment programs are all custom-tailored to fit your individual needs.

  • friendly staff

    Friendly Staff

    Our friendly and always available staff is comprised of addiction experts and those who have worked and dealt with addiction in the past. We fully understand how difficult battling addiction can be, so we know what you’re going through.

  • effective treatment

    Effective Treatment

    Using only the latest information and technologies when it comes to behavioral and mental health, our addiction and medical experts have created our certified treatment programs to deal effectively with very specific and individual addiction issues.

Our Goals

Why Choose Pathway to Hope for Treatment?

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    Overcome Addiction

    Don’t become just another statistic held hostage by drug and alcohol addiction. Seek help through treatment and begin your newly established life in recovery.

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    Life in Recovery

    The goal of our treatment and rehab center is to prepare you for life outside the walls of rehab. Join many others as they start their life anew in recovery.

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    Enjoy Life Again

    At Pathway to Hope, we know all too well how cloudy and surreal life is under drug and alcohol addiction. Break the chains of addiction and enjoy life again.

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