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Intensive outpatient therapy and tailored treatment with a focus on the mental aspect of addiction.

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Drug & Alcohol Treatment

Founded in 2012, Pathway to Hope was created by a group of addiction experts and professionals who not only believe in addiction but also want to make a change in the recovery industry from the inside out. From its early beginnings, our facility has remained one of Fort Lauderdale’s best treatment facilities, operating on the ideals of client care and cultivating lasting sobriety.

We understand that there is no universal approach to addiction treatment—every person’s struggle with substance abuse is different. That’s why we tailor your treatment plan based on your history, your goals, and your substance of choice. At Pathway to Hope, we make sure to maintain a client-first attitude.

Our main goal at Pathway to Hope is to help you recover from your addiction to drugs and alcohol. A large part of our mission is to let people know that those in recovery from drug and alcohol addiction are not victims, but survivors. Each element and part of your treatment here focuses on your personal strengths and uniqueness as an individual. Contact us to speak with an addiction recovery specialist who can help you start your journey to recovery.

Facility Features

Quality Care

At Pathway to Hope, we offer you nationally-recognized care using the latest clinically-proven methods in addiction treatment. Our ideals of quality care in our certified treatment programs are all custom-tailored to fit your individual needs.

Friendly Staff

Our friendly and compassionate staff is comprised of addiction experts and those who have worked and dealt with addiction in the past. We fully understand how difficult battling addiction can be, so we know what you’re going through.

Effective Treatment

Using only the best modalities and therapies when it comes to behavioral and mental health, our addiction and medical experts have tailored our certified treatment programs to deal effectively with very specific and individual addiction issues.

Our goal at Pathway to Hope is to help you heal from addiction in a safe and efficient manner. Our clinically tested and vetted methods for treating drug and alcohol addiction have been proven to help our clients recover.

Making the Delphi Difference

At Pathway to Hope, we are proud to call ourselves a member of the Delphi Behavioral Health Group family of addiction treatment centers. As such, we share a commitment to quality and excellence that allows us to stand apart from other institutions. By taking full advantage of our growing network of outstanding facilities in South Florida, we are able to provide the comprehensive continuum of treatment to each and every client that walks through our doors.

The facilities that make up Delphi are unified in their commitment to offering personalized treatment with a low client-to-patient ratio. This allows us to give you the attention and care that you need to succeed in treatment.

Delphi is dedicated to giving you the tools you need to live a sober life long after treatment has ended. We aim to treat the root behaviors that lead to addiction rather than just the addiction itself. Through intimate therapy sessions and relapse prevention techniques, you will be ready to return to everyday life free of substance abuse. If your goal is to make a fresh start, then we are here to help!

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